Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I really like knowing what my meds are doing.  And with this round, they are being strategic and tricky.  In the past, my two "on" weeks were comprised of the same meds, on the same days, with no difference.  This time, the first week works to soften or break up the biofilm that protects the bacteria.  Biofilm you ask?  Definition: "A thin, slimy film of bacteria that adheres to a surface."   With the case of Lyme, the bacteria all cling to parts of your insides and are covered by a biofilm eventually that make it hard to eradicate.  But through pulsed antibiotics (the treatment I'm on), you can usually break it up a lot.  Here's a little explanation I found (click on the first word to go to the source):

"But in the case of low, pulsed dosing, where an antibiotic is administered, withdrawn, then administered again, the first application of antibiotic will eradicate the bulk of biofilm cells, leaving persister cells behind. Withdrawal of the antibiotic allows the persister population to start growing. Since administration of the antibiotic is temporarily stopped, the survival of persisters is not enhanced. This causes the persister cells to lose their phenotype (their shape and biochemical properties), meaning that they are unable to switch back into biofilm mode. A second application of the antibiotic should then completely eliminate the persister cells, which are still in planktonic mode."

So, that is what we're doing in these two weeks.  We're breaking down the biofilm this week and next  week going in with the "clean-up" crew.  I like to call next week the "Master-blaster" :)

This week, though I'm already feeling some herxing.  Mostly just run down, but some pain.  I was finally prescribed some pain patches that I tried out last night with horrible pain, and it did bring the pain down so that I could sleep.

I am also trying out a new drug.  Anyone ever try Rifabutin?  It's supposed to turn all your bodily fluids orange.  Tears included.  I haven't noticed this much yet.  But in my drug instructions it tells you not to use contacts because of this "orange mess".  So I'm going with the glasses all week because as much as I don't like wearing my glasses, I am quite blind without them.

Alright -- gotta rest now.  Sorry if this post made no sense at all.  I can't think clearly about the science of Lyme while on treatment weeks.  It muddles my brain so.

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