Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I always want to grow my hair out long.  I see pictures of when my hair has been longer (which never seems to be for a very extended period of time) and then I get it in my head that I want it to be that long again.  My hair doesn't grow SUPER fast, so this process usually takes about a year or so.

So lately my hair has been what I would consider "long" for me.  And this week especially I have realized, as I always do when it is this long, why I always must go chop it off.  My husband was making fun of me in the last month as I've talked about wanting to cut my hair.  But I figured it out and need to put it out there permanently so I'll remember next time I want to grow it long again.

I have a lot of hair; thick hair - heavy hair.  Lyme disease doesn't help the fact that I lose a lot of it too.  But at least I have so much that it doesn't look patchy or anything.  But the problem with my hair being so heavy, and it being long, is that my scalp hurts!  I've had a sensitive scalp since I was a young girl and my mom would comb my hair straight after a bath.  I can't say whether it's a Lyme thing, but I haven't met too many others who have a scalp like mine.  

Especially when it's long (but this can happen at any length), my scalp hurts if I wear a pony-tail for more than half a day.  If I wear it all day, then when I take it out, there is an actual bruised feeling all over my head where the hairs were being pulled.  When it gets long, I get more frequent headaches from the weight of it.  It's just not a great thing even though I love how it looks.  

So I got it cut.  And it's SO much lighter now.  My headache lifted instantly when the hair was gone.  It's great!  And yet, I know---in a month or so, I'm going to forget what long hair does to me, and I'm going to declare to my husband that I am "growing my hair out".  And he'll roll his eyes as he usually does because he thinks I'm silly for wanting a change so soon :)

I'm curious -- do any of you Lymies have sensitive scalps (as in, hurts when hair is slightly pulled or combed)?


  1. LOVE it! i wish i could chop my hair off! especially during the summer months, my hair lives in a bun on top of my head. love your cute style!!

  2. Such a cute cut! Looks great on you. I'm the same with the cycle of wanting to grow it out and then chopping it.
    My scalp is really sensitive too. Same with the ponytail. Feels so bruised after.

  3. that is a very becoming style on you! when you're sick on the couch, you don't want your hair caught between your back and what your reclining against... i know that much!

  4. Love it! I have a very sensitive scalp, too! I never thought of it as a Lyme thing, but it makes sense. I get the bruised feeling too.

  5. Super cute! My scalp hurts like that too. Even when I haven't had a ponytail in, some days it just hurts when I flip it over so it's going the other way on my head. I've googled it before and haven't come up with least I'm not the only one! :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! Enjoy the scalp torture respite. You deserve it. XOXOX

  7. Yes yes yes. I have a sensitive scalp as well. The way I describe it sometimes is like my hair actually hurts. I totally get the bruised thing. I don't want it touched or moved or anything.

    But alas, my hair is long, and I am not cutting it, so I often very loosly pull it up with a pony tail. I have very curly hair so 2 wraps of the band and its all in a messy bun effect, the least painful way.

  8. Very sassy and hip!
    I don't have a sensitive scalp, but my heavy hair gives me a headache when it's up, unless it's right on top of my head and not pulling at all. As soon as it starts to pull it feels like 3 pound handweight is attached to it. I HATE it.

  9. Sensitive Scalp. You know, now that you mention it, I did have a very sensitive scalp. It's not as sensitive now. BUT, I also don't ever wear my hair up anymore. However sometimes, it still does have pain. I used to call it Scalp Follicular Pain. Haa. Such a great name, don't you think?