Wednesday, September 28, 2011

in a state well enough to write

Thank you so much for the prayers you have given on behalf of us.

The surgery went well!  The doctor couldn't/wouldn't let us know his preliminary thoughts about what the lump was.  He said it was about as big as a man's thumbnail and it didn't go too deep.  He said we MIGHT hear the results of the pathology report on Friday but more likely next week.

There was a slight complication with recovery.  I had a reaction to one of the gases used to knock me out (so is the theory by the anesthesiologist) which left me coughing so terribly and ending up with a rattling chest.  This sure got a lot of staff's attention!  The anesthesiologist said it was called Post Operative Bronchio-something?   Matt got a little pale watching me, especially when all the machines were beeping around me (he said he hated seeing me suffering so....sweet and caring husband!).  I had two breathing treatments because even after the first one, all they had to do was feel my back and they could feel the rattling.  The second treamtment helped much more.  So they held me a bit longer than originally planned.  But once the breathing was under control I was able to go home!

I am pretty miserable because while the rattling stopped, by lungs still hurt SO bad.  I start breathing terribly hard when I sit up or talk for a minute or two.  That on top of the pain from the incision (which is small!!  And I'll take a pic of my shaved hair later) :).  So I will stop writing for now but all in all, we are thankful because things could have gone a lot worse.

Thank you for praying and continuing to pray! And thank you, God for being with us and always caring for us every day!


  1. I'm glad it went as good as it did, so sorry about the reaction though! Hoping and praying that the results come back fine! ((Healing virtually hugs coming your way!!))

  2. we're praying for your recovery and your results. we love you guys so much and are proud of the way you've been dealing with this and lyme. you're a great mom and wife and wonderful sister and aunt. love you guys.

  3. Glad it went ok. Hoping the results are ok too. XOXO

  4. I want to ditto what Harrison said, but add "a sweet, wonderful, funny niece and friend". I'm so sorry you have to ask for help with this, I know it's hard for you to be the asker. You are the GIVER! I'll pray for a giving church family to step in and buoy you up.

  5. Stand up, dry your eyes, ay-ee-yay!! The Lord is alive, sing praaaaaise, alleeeeeeeeeluiah!!!!


    It was the only thing I could think of at the moment that might make you smile. Hope it worked. :)

  6. And, yet another title of honor for you that only Todd and I can bestow...loved and cherished daughter-in-law. We are so thankful that God gave Matt a Godly wife and mother for his children. Glad you have come through the surgery and post operative complications. Praying for the results to be of no great significance, other than to confirm the presence of Lyme in your system. That might prove important for your future treatment and the role insurance may be required to assume. Comfort and love to you right now as you recover, dear one.

  7. Another ditto to what Harrison said. We are so thankful for and proud of you, sweet sister in law. Christ shines through you. We love you and continue to lift you up in prayer. <3