Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay, okay, not completely because I know this is just PART of getting better, but it felt very very good to be able to take my dad (who was in town just for the weekend) downtown and be able to walk.  WALK.  Not be in a wheelchair being pushed around.  We have done this "downtown" routine many a time in the last months with visiting relatives and friends and each and every time I was in a wheelchair.
STANDING......and happy and holding my daughter.
Now, I'm not saying I didn't have some consequences after.  When we got home my legs hurt really bad and I had to apply the pain patches but that's better than feeling like you can't walk at all or so drained of energy that you can't move.  I'm seeing small victories and feeling a lot more hope. I know this is an up and down disease, but I'm really enjoying these ups lately!!  Thank you, Lord!!


  1. praise God! you look like I remember from college.... praying for the day that this victory can be your normal again!

  2. Praise the Lord for Victories, big and small. So thankful that you were able to share that time with your Dad. May God grant you more and more of these moments.

  3. that's AWESOME!!! you are glowing in the pic!!