Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy Labor Day (those of you in the U.S)!  Sorry I haven't been on much.  We've had an extended-family crisis that has caused us to use most of our time to pray and not think of much else.  But that issue is settling down a bit (it involved a little newborn family member who needed lots of prayers and she is doing a LOT better now but still needs our prayers).

It ALWAYS surprises me that when dramatic issues arise like that or when holidays come (like today), Lyme doesn't take a break.  So I haven't had much relief from pain and ickiness from the meds.  And anxiety (from watching dear, loved ones go through tough times over the last week) only made it worse.  But I'm thankful for the trial to cause all of us to grow closer to our Lord who has been and will be in control all the time.

So anyway, I will try to blog again a bit more this week.

Love the status of a friend today on Facebook - "It's not easy being green....."  Ain't that the truth for us Lymies (and families).

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