Thursday, May 26, 2011


My little girl randomly came up to me today and said, "I want to pray to God right now...." and she indicated she wanted me to help.  I said, "You know how -- just talk to Him."

So she turned around, bowed her little head and clasped her hands together and started,
"Dear God, please help mommy feel better......" then she looked up at me with one eye open and asked, "Wait, Mom?  Are you still sick?" 

Oh how that encouraged me!  I have been feeling slightly better this week -- on my feet more, joking around more with the kids, showing them a cheery face most of the time, and doing more around the house.  We've even taken a short walk each day.  I loved hearing her ask that for the first time since I got really sick.  I told her that I am STILL sick but that I'm feeling a little better!  So she should thank God for that.  And she did.  Then she went on to pray that she was thankful for our "beautiful house", that God would help the "people of Japan and Issouri", and "that Olivia will start walking.  Amen".  To which I replied, "Um, Georgie -- Liv is running.  Don't need to pray for that one anymore." :)

I'm off meds this week and next and I've been trying to pace myself since at the end of next, we'll have an appointment with the LLMD.  I just hope this upswing helps and that the doctor's visit goes well and that I stay encouraged.

So thankful for my sweet daughter and her compassionate heart!


  1. Hooray that you're doing a little better! Maybe you should ask about Larium. The Mepron got me moving a little, but the Larium got me fully functional again. I know it's different for everyone, though.

  2. yea for a better day or three! I love reading Georgie's comments!

    I'm glad you will have a little time away with Matt soon!