Monday, May 9, 2011

peaceful ~Mother's Day for the Chronically Ill pt. 2~

I had the blessing of feeling pretty good this Mother's Day!  It was my favorite Mother's Day so far.  Last year I had recently had a baby and was in newborn "fog".  The two years before that my husband was deployed so it made Mother's Day hard, especially since my little one wasn't at an age to "appreciate" me :)  The year before that, I was pregnant and my husband and I debated whether I was a "Mother" yet :)

So anyway, it was a lovely day with the family but there was one thing that really stuck out to me.  In church Sunday School, my 3 1/2 year old daughter made a card for me.  They were to fill in the blanks (with help) and answer some questions.

My mom's favorite color is........BLUE (this isn't entirely untrue - I like all colors but that morning she had given me bright blue nail polish and I had said I loved the color).

My mom is......10 OUNCES....years old  (This brought a smile to my face but incidentally, on the car ride home she said, "Mom? How old are you?  I just said '10 ounces' but how old are you?')

My mom's favorite food is......MAC AND CHEESE. (Well, it makes sense because since I've been on the last round of meds, I've been so nauseous that nothing sounds good to eat....EXCEPT mac 'n cheese.  So we've had it once a week lately.  I can see why she'd say that)

My mom's favorite thing to do is......REST.  (WOW.  It hurt but made so much sense why she'd say that.  I really do rest all day save for the very few and far between days that I can get up and do a bit of housework.  I asked her if she told the teacher that I was sick and she said, "No, I just told her you rest.")

My mom loves to........TALK.....with me. (Since I obviously can't do much else)

I love my mom because......SHE LOVES ME.  :)


  1. You're doing something right Heather. Georgie (and Liv) is so blessed to have you for their mommy!

  2. That is so sweet! I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve it! It is SO hard to be a mom with Lyme.