Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tired. ~Mothers Day for the Chronically Ill~

My mother will be out of town....so out of town that I won't be able to even talk to her on Mothers day.  So my time to well wish her was last week.  I had to do it over Skype because she doesn't live near.  Problem was, my body was fighting a virus.  And when it does that on TOP of having Lyme, bad things happen.  I didn't even have energy to talk.  I whispered most of the day.  Even that took lots of energy.  So I resorted to writing what I wanted to say to her over Skype.  A sort of virtual Mothers Day card.  I felt bad it had to be that way but it turned out to be the best.  She loved it.  I put on some background "mom" music and showed her a set of 10 or so "cards" that had what I wanted to say written out on them.

Such is the life of the chronically ill.  I'm glad my family understands.

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  1. Tear-jerkingly-beautiful, Heather!! Now go rest so you can beat the pants off of that virus, your Lyme disease, and co-infections!

    As hard as it is being stuck in a sickly body, it's really amazing that our bodies are fighting as hard as they possibly can for us, even though we can't see it and we still feel sick.

    Your mama must be so proud of your strength and courage! Happy Mother's Day!