Wednesday, October 26, 2011


OH my.  When I start feeling really ill I get grouchy.  And this week I am GROUCHY.  I feel bad for the family.  But they can tell with my snippy reactions.

So let's not talk about that :)

So the last two weeks that I was off of meds, I felt a lot of my creativity come back.  I've been browsing Pinterest and have gotten some inspiration there.  Here's what I've gotten done over the last two weeks!
I furiously set about to paint my daughter's crib the NIGHT BEFORE I started this week's meds.  My husband came in to help me for a bit and was asking me about my sudden surge of "projects".  I told him that since I feel better on "off" weeks, I get more creative and as the two weeks come to an end I feel like I have all these things to try and to finish before the dreaded day that the meds/bugs dying start slowing me down to where I'm trudging through sludge.  I told him I feel pretty useless those two weeks so I feel like I have to put all I have into these things I try to get done before my "on weeks" start.  He seemed to understand and stayed a few extra minutes to help me get the first coat of paint on the whole crib so that I could finish it up the next day.



I also set about to decorate the house for fall.  I made a front door wreath:

A "thankful board":

My daughter's first grateful leaf: "God loving us" :)

Pumpkins :)

I decoupaged this foam pumpkin:

I took a cute mirror and turned it into a chalk board:

Anyway, I will now resume my place resting and feeling grouchy.


  1. Heather! The room is so cute! I like the caterpillar frames! Your fall projects are awesome!!

  2. Holy've been busy. No wonder you're grouchy. You left it all on the mat (or, in this case, cutting board).

    :) kidding...

    Hope you get some rest and feel better soon. When I am in pain, I turn into Frankenstein. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

    Cheering you on...

  3. You're right!! I should have taken it "easier"

  4. I loved your daughter's first grateful leaf!! It means your doing something right ;o)