Monday, October 31, 2011

not dizzy anymore

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Have you ever had vertigo?  After a rough week last week on meds, I spent Saturday unable to stand up because of so much dizziness.  By the end of the day I was violently throwing up that we cancelled our plans to go to a costume party.  I was sad but it definitely was MY call because I knew I couldn't even lift my head without feeling like I was going to pass out.

This is my first taste of vertigo and I wonder if it is a common Lyme thing?  I'm just thankful it doesn't happen all the time!

Now I'm starting my second week of meds which involve two completely new ones that I've never had.  I wonder what my body will do.  Sunday I was feeling better after the vertigo on Saturday and this morning I woke up feeling a LOT better.  Just in time to pop some more pills.  Oh dear.  My mom is in town and she's been caring for my girls and the house so I really can just rest and let my body do it's thing to kill these "bad guys".

What do YOU do when you have a whole day of dizziness?


  1. Oh man vertigo is HORRIBLE. I HATE it, and scary. I ended up going to the ER for mine and was on Dramamine for a long time. This was before I knew I had lyme. Hope you dont have to deal with that anymore

  2. Definitely a Lyme symptom, and a very difficult one to deal with. I found that tilting my head up or down brought it on, and keeping myself looking straight ahead was the best solution.

  3. I had vertigo after a diving incident last year and it was terrible!! My eyes would swirl even when they were closed. My dr recommended a medicine that doesn't need a prescription but you do have to ask at the pharmacy counter to get it called meclazine. It's another motion sickness medicine (kinda like Dramamine) that worked really well. But it sure was disorienting going through it!!

  4. Oh bummer bummer! sorry about the awful vertigo. I've never had anything that makes me throw up, but I hear you on not being able to lift your head, stand, the room spinning, etc. I usually just have to lie as still as possible and like Libby said, keep from moving my head around.
    Praying for you!