Thursday, October 6, 2011

like I'm climbing the hill again

God has answered our prayers and I am no longer "miserable".  I still have energy issues but the lowest low that I was at has gotten so much better over the last few days.  Instead of 0% I think I'm about 40%.  That's a huge difference in such a few days!  It gives me encouragement that after a year of treatment, my body MUST be rid of lots of those pesky bugs that ruined my immune system.  It took me a year to go from 0% to 60% so to jump so drastically in a few days keeps me cheerful.  Today and tomorrow are "Flagyl" days and this drug does a number on me.  I know it's all good, but I am expecting to "fall" a little bit more in the next two days and on Saturday I'll finally get to go get that lymphatic massage that helps me so much with detoxing.

I was looking at pill boxes online yesterday.  I LOVE mine.  It's an AM/PM weekly box that's not huge but has ample room for all the pills I take every morning and evening.  It also detaches each day or a few days at a time if I'm going away for just a day or two.  I like that about it.  Anyways, it's getting old and worn and I thought I'd look for what's out there.  I came across this picture and it made me laugh.  It makes me thankful that I don't take THAT many pills in one morning.  I know some people might and in a lot of ways it DOES remind me of the large volume of meds I have to take in a day....but, gosh!  That is a lot of pills!


  1. Glad to hear you're improving again. Keep looking forward to the two week mark after the surgery, too. You will see the difference in the recovery process there as well. Praising God for your renewed strength and more positive outlook! Love you!

  2. Yay! I hope after your Flagyl days that you bounce back higher than ever before. It IS heartening to see how you can recover faster than you used to. That's proof positive that you are on the downhill side of the mountain.

  3. So glad to hear you are improving. Thinking of you! XOXO