Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First off, I need to say that the previous post was not fair of me to post in the brief way to wrote it.  I didn't have energy to explain things properly and it could definitely look like I was a huge "conspiracy-theory" type person.  I'm not that person.  And I was trusting that most who read it understood the controversy that goes on between LLMD's and researchers and the CDC.  But those who don't know would probably just write-off what I wrote.

Also, the maps I used were probably not the best ones because the Vet's map included a few ticks that we don't know transmit Lyme to humans.  MOST of those ticks do and if you even just looked at the "Deer Tick" areas you'd see how different it is from the CDC's map.  Also, there's a better map here of what the CDC thinks about Lyme exposure.  STILL, very under-reported and not accurate.  The CDC says that Lyme may be underreported by about 6-12 times what is reported each year!

ANYWAY -- more importantly for me to clear up, it was brought to my attention that the CDC does finally say that you can contract Lyme disease in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!  yay.  But it's hard to be excited for too long when you see that they don't believe it can be contracted in so many other places and not in as great a quantity as those inflicted with Lyme are proving!

I just wanted to be fair.  I don't want to alienate people from the reality of the disease just because I wrote something without explaining it when most people who don't know much about Lyme would probably  trust the CDC in most cases.

Like I wrote to someone recently -- I don't believe the CDC as a whole or even the majority of doctors are a part of some "conspiracy".  I just believe they are misinformed.

I believe the high up docs who set the guidelines for treatment and diagnosis of Lyme for the CDC are the ones to blame and that would be an entire essay to explain so what I'd tell you if you're curious enough -- read Cure Uknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic.  This book explains very well and sites sources and stuff.

And I pray that SOON, the truth will become prevalent so that we can get better treatment and get insurance to cover our healing.  And I hope that when I am well I can help to spread the truth about the disease more than I can now.

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  1. I read that book. It was very readable and informative. The problem was that it made me so sad and angry. I pray things will change too, but it will take an expose on national television, which isn't likely to happen.