Monday, October 17, 2011

like a dog is more important than me

Here's the CDC's map of where the Deer Tick can be found.  They basically say that if you're not from around those areas, there's NO way you could have Lyme disease.  Even this map is quite generous in my experience with doctors. (BTW, I was bit in Northern California and so were other dear ones I know who are very ill)

But look at this map.  This map is what Veterinarians' show as areas your dog can be bitten by a Deer tick and get Lyme and Lyme-related diseases.  They can use medicine on their pets to prevent Lyme.

*sigh*  Come on!

I've been feeling great since being on my first "off" week of meds.  I think I actually did too much so today I'm laying low.  I may go out tonight with my MOPS group to do some crafty stuff (which I love), but it will really be a last minute call.

So you know, I've been praying for you fellow Lymies a lot!  Especially if we've ever had email or blog contact.  You are on my mind!


  1. Gotta love Texas's wide range of ticks to get Lyme from *sigh*

  2. Hope you enjoy some crafty time!!!! Sounds like F-U-N!!!